Project Examples

Facebook Ads for LeadInspire 2020

Target group: LeadInspire target groups.

Challenge: Can we use Facebook ads to get more leads and conversions.
One month project to test ads on Facebook.

Solution: Using Faceboolk Business Manager I sat up different campaigns and ad-sets testing target groups, different ads and objectives. I created the design and made the copywriting. During the campaigns we changed bits and pieces if needed.

Result:The task was solved so well that LeadInspire now have the opportunity to assess whether it is a channel they will use for lead generation in the future.


Training Concept - Bootcamp training for Global Marketeers 2019

Target group: Global marketing community marketeers.

Challenge: How to deliver more in-depth training to smaller groups of global marketeers and deliver team building at the same time.

Solution: Creation of a new yearly bootcamp concept. Idea was to facilitate several highly concentrated training sessions (3 days) for a smaller group of marketeers and strengthen their skills within themes like content writing, marketing planning, Sitecore web editing etc.

I facilitated and planned the concept and together with a small group of colleagues we accomplished the first bootcamp training together with marketeers from the US and Mexican divisions. Results were good and for the first time we were able to bring a small group of marketeers together for training purposes.



Training concept supporting learning processes globally 2015–2019

Target group:
Global marketeers, commercial employees, web editors and SharePoint intranet managers.

Training marketeers when strategy and concept is missing. The task was to create a strategy and a concept supporting learning and change processes for marketeers in a global community. Second step was to make it possible for employees to sign up for training, third to get started with the training.

The concept was divided into 4 parts:
1. Creating strategy and concept.

2. Building a package of relevant and interesting courses in 3 levels covering themes like corporate visual identity, branding, web systems, online marketing, Sitecore for web editors and many more.

3. Design of website (SharePoint intranet) with easy sign-up options, relevant description of all courses, training calendar and easy access to training materials.

4. Implementation and use of a new web-based training platform (Nearpod) that supported blended learning activities like chats, collaborate whiteboards, quizzes, polls etc. to make the subject come to live. I was involved in all stages of the project.

A relevant and scalable package of training themes together with easy access to the training website and sign-up made it possible to deliver and execute relevant training sessions for the community which resulted in many happy attendees.
Combined with e-mail newsletter promotions we were even able to raise the number of attendees very quickly. Due to easy creation and use of sign-up forms in Office 365 we were also able to reduce the number of sign-up emails coming into the department extraordinarily.



Implementation of artwork managing system - Webproof 2011–2012

Target group: Design agency, internal designers and legal employees.

To be able to collect all information regarding design and text corrections in the same system instead of having an endlessly number of filetypes and emails running back and forth between stakeholders. Goal was to cut down number of mistakes and communication errors.

I researched and found out that Webproof could help us to get in control of assignment and establish a common proofing system across departments, design agency and printers.

The system was bought and implemented, and we got a system all stakeholders could relate to when designs had to be approved. My responsibility in the project included implementation, project management and training of users.


Implementing DAM platform, marketing assets and later upgrade 2012

Target group: Design agencies, printers, internal sales and marketing departments globally.

To be able to collect all digital assets on the same platform ensuring that only newest assets were used in the marketing process secondly to minimise use of old image files on personal computers to be used instead of the correct ones. Also, the amount of CD’s with artwork being sent to global stakeholders by DHL were rapidly increasing and very expensive.

I researched and found a scalable DAM system which were able to solve the tasks.

A huge success.
The system was bought and implemented, and we were now able to deliver market-ready marketing assets and to maximise high-speed delivery to global stakeholders on the spot without spending time and money with DHL transports.
My involvement included also budget, procurement, project management, implementation, start-up and training of editors and users.



Implementing new Web CMS platform 2012

Target group: Company, web admin and assistant, marketing department.

1. To find a CMS system that could help us making it easier to refresh and SEO optimize content on the corporate website.
2. To update design and content.

I researched a number of CMS companies and found a new provider and agency that were able to take the company to next step web-wise.

New CMS platform was implemented, and I upgraded the design. Implementation resulted as expected in easier updating, better design quality and easier SEO optimization.
My involvement also included budget, project management, implementation and training of web editors.